Steelers Trade T.J. Watt, George Pickens, And Lots Of Picks For New Franchise Quarterback In Colin Cowherd's Wild Proposal (VIDEO)

Colin Cowherd of FS1 believes the Pittsburgh Steelers should trade their franchise leader for a generational quarterback. 

On the newest episode of “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” the veteran sportscaster suggested trading 

T.J. Watt, young wideout George Pickens, and three first-round picks for Caleb Williams.

We won't know the Williams sweepstakes winner for a while. The Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, and Carolina Panthers are 0-3.

Carolina traded a king's ransom to take Bryce Young first overall and miss the Williams sweepstakes. 

If they could pick Williams first overall, the Bears, Vikings, and Broncos would presumably trade their quarterbacks 

Justin Fields in Chicago, Kirk Cousins in Minnesota, and Russell Wilson in Denver.

Cowherd's offer is tempting, but the Steelers wouldn't trade Watt, Pickens, and three firsts for Williams. 


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