Swift's Time Cover Breaks Far-Right Brains 

Taylor Swift was named 2023's Person of the Year by Time magazine on Wednesday. 

The announcement was followed by a rare interview in which the musician looked back on the year that really made her a household name. 

Not surprisingly, right-wing pundits seized the chance to extrapolate from Swift's well-deserved triumph a wild conspiracy theory spree. 

A strong segment of conservatives is furious with Swift because she has publicly sided ,

with the pro-choice movement and expressed her opposition to former President Donald Trump. 

They are fixated on the absurd idea that Swift is being used as a political weapon in the forthcoming presidential race. 

Swift was praised by the far-right account End of Wokeness, which has almost two million followers, 

for having enough rizz to persuade a "cult-like following" to "drink poisoned Kool Aid for her." The account also predicted that "Politics" will be the singer-songwriter's next move in the same post.

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