The 3 Flirtiest Zodiac Signs

Libras are all about relationships, so it's no surprise that the affable, balanced air sign is the zodiac's top flirt. 

Libras require people to help them see themselves more clearly since they are the sign of the autumn equinox, 

which represents the period when the sun begins to sink below the horizon. To avoid seeming meta, 

when Libras flirt with you, they are also flirting with themselves. That's why, even though Libras adore love, 

always have a crush on someone, and lavish compliments like they're going out of style, the attention isn't always personal. 

Why wouldn't Libras engage in lighthearted banter? It's entertaining, and they're extremely good at it.

Scorpios, an emotional water sign dominated by the powerful action planet Mars, seem to ooze sexuality (when they're in the mood for it, 

and Scorpios also have a strong abstinence side). Scorpios are the physical flirts, while Libras are the fun flirts. 


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