‘The Continental’ motion Director Talks Pulling Off ‘John Wick’-degree Stunts on a television budget 

The Peacock three-element occasion series The Continental: From the sector of John Wick delves into the beginning in the back of the well-known resort for assassins in Seventies new york city

looking for his brother Frankie (Ben Robson), a young Winston Scott (Colin Woodell) reveals himself entangled with a dangerous underworld in which he should conquer his past

for you to end up the man familiar to the loo Wick universe. for the duration of this 1-on-1 interview with Collider,  

stunt coordinator/movement director Larnell Stovall, who’s a part of the 87eleven motion design crew ,

mentioned the evolution of his profession from stunt performer to movement director, why he thinks the john Wick franchise works so nicely,  

pulling off this stage of motion on a tv finances and with a tv schedule, one of the hardest combat scenes to pull off, 

making ready the actors for the action sequences, and how action is virtually just some other shape of storytelling.  

You’ve gone from doing stunts to coordinating stunts to directing stunts. 

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