The John Wick Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Daniela  Scottie

One of the objections leveled towards astrology is that humans are constantly looking for significance and connection in everything around them,

Even if it isn't directly related to their experiences. According to the hypothesis, if you give a group of people a description of the same horoscope,

they will all inevitably identify characteristics of themselves in it, even if it isn't near to their birthday.

Fans of the "John Wick" franchise are acting in a manner similar to those who believe in astrology

The series encourages viewers to seek answers and decipher meaning from the story's tiny clues,

Drawing as educated conclusions as possible about the opaque worldbuilding and cast of intriguing characters whose every line and action we scrutinize for greater importance.

In this way, an imaginary zodiac of "John Wick" characters becomes incredibly suitable, given how much of the series

Astrology itself is open to personal interpretation. Unfortunately, each zodiac's darker and more wicked characteristics emerge 

Through this vicious underworld of murders, mobsters, thieves, and everything awful in between.

The "John Wick" character you are based on your zodiac sign, from the vengeful assassin whose name gives the series its moniker to the vicious desert-dwelling Elder

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