How absurd! The bizarre Google Gemini multi-modal demo indicates that AI will take the world by storm.

Wednesday saw the launch of Gemini, Google's most potent large language model. A glimpse of what an AI-powered future might hold is provided by this demo video, which highlights Gemini's multimodal capabilities. 

Just by holding a rubber duck in your palm, you could imagine yourself coming up with a game that would keep a child's mind occupied for hours. What if we told you that you could learn the names of several different languages, like Spanish, French, Korean, etc., just by holding this duck?  

Google accomplished this in their Gemini demo film, and it will have you thinking, "What the Duck?" On Wednesday, Google debuted Gemini, their most potent large language model. The surprise announcement stunned the tech community.  

In addition, the startup produced a demo film that showcased Gemini's multimodal capabilities and offered us a preview of what the AI-powered future might hold. In a six-minute video, Google showcases Gemini's talents, emphasizing its ability to comprehend data, make decisions, analyze photos, and perform other tasks.  

The movie opens with the following statement: "We've been testing the capabilities of Gemini, our new multimodal AI model." We have been filming it when we administer various tests to it, such as having it decipher a sequence of images that it observes. 

"Some of our favorite interactions with Gemini are highlighted in this video." In the opening scene of the video, a guy sets a piece of paper on a table and asks Gemini what it sees. In response, the AI model states that it observes him setting a piece of paper down on the table.  

The guy uses a black marker to draw something on the paper, and the LLM remarks, "I see a squiggly line." After a while, the man stops drawing and asks Gemini about a partially drawn duck. While the LLM considers some of the other lines to be "sharp and smooth," she initially struggles with comprehension.  

But as Gemini finishes drawing the entire duck, he remarks, "It looks like a bird to me." The man queries Gemini about what it now perceives when he adds water to the picture. Gemini answers that it must be a duck because it is swimming in the water, has a long neck, and a beak. An excited "yes" is returned by the Google employee.  

The duck is then given a blue tinge by the presenter, which prompts Gemini to comment that it's a "unusual color" for the duck. The presenter then raises a blue rubber duck, to which Gemini responds, "What the quack?" As a result, the enormous language model has a sense of humor in addition to being able to respond to your queries. Additionally, it provides a brief summary of Duck's pronunciations in a wide range of additional languages, including Mandarin, Spanish, and French.  

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