The reason Honkai: Star Rail needs turn-based fight

"Honkai: Star Rail" and "Genshin Impact" share gameplay similarities, focusing on character progression, combat skills, and an expansive storyline.

Both games emphasize enjoying the gaming process rather than just end results like rare character pulls or clearing tough content.

Community excitement arises from players praising each other's achievements, but tensions can arise from inability to overcome challenging content.

Both games offer vast worlds for players to explore, with flavor text and character backgrounds enhancing the immersive experience.

Characters found in specific locations create engaging content, such as a retired warrior revisiting a past battlefield.

Enjoyable processes in the game are simple to accomplish, fostering discussions and reducing player exhaustion.

Low-entry barriers to content creation help maintain interest and reduce conflicts within the gaming community.

"Honkai: Star Rail" was developed with similar mechanics as "Genshin Impact," creating an opportunity for the company to leverage their existing successful formula.


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