The Red Lip Shade Sydney Sweeney Needs for Holiday 

There are many holiday customs to look forward to, from the cheerful décor of the season to the customary family get-togethers. 

What is one thing Sydney Sweeney, an actor and Armani Beauty spokesperson, is excited about? 

She says, "I adore wrapping gifts," to Bazaar.We spoke with the celebrity to find out more about her go-to scents and cosmetics for the next year. 

Sweeney also reveals the one item on her Christmas wish list and the small details that elevate her presents beyond the ordinary. 

It's my favorite to switch between Lip Power 400 and 403. While 403 is a touch darker and more enigmatic than 400, 400 is a typical red. 

I had a great time wearing it in Venice!For the holidays, I guess I'll stick with a subtle glow. 

I love blush, so add a little amount of Luminous Silk Glow Blush and Fluid Sheer Glow. 

Spices from baking Christmas cookies with my aunt and cousins include cinnamon, gingerbread, and vanilla. One of the nicest home comforts is an open fire.

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