The Woman Who Gained 7 Million Fans by Playing Kim Kardashian

As they gather around a shiny kitchen table, the Kardashian sisters are having a subtle but noticeable argument about who gets to host Thanksgiving this year.

"Me," Kourtney says with her signature monotonous drawl. "But as long as you guys are here by three and gone by four...Those are my boundaries."

Kim looks up from her phone and fixes her eldest sister with a caustic scowl that many already know all too well. Khloé jokes, 

"Not the Thanksgiving Express!" as she runs her long nails through her hair.

Contrary to popular belief, this moment is actually a wonderful comedy routine performed by TikTok influencer Yuri Lamasbella.

People are wondering what's happening with Kardashian's actual legal profession now that she has a new role to play. 

Lamasbella has over 7 million followers on social media thanks to her remarkable ability to imitate the famous sisters. 

Among these, you can find 4.3 million on TikTok, 2.4 million on Instagram, and more than 500,000 on YouTube.

During the height of the coronavirus epidemic in March 2021, the now 32-year-old mother of one initially released a video of herself playing her "favorite sisters." 

 In the spoof, Kourtney mentions to Kim that she wants to make sure her son is okay with going on a lavish vacation this summer. 

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