There is evidence that Hamas raped or cut up dozens of Israeli women.

In one picture, a burned person looks like it is in pain. The underwear of a woman lying naked from the waist down hangs from her leg in another.

First responders have shakily talked about finding naked women's bodies tied to beds, and survivors have talked about seeing a gang rape at the music event.

These things add to the growing amount of proof that Hamas terrorists committed crimes against women on October 7.

NBC News has looked at five interrogations of captured Hamas fighters, an Arabic-language document that told Hamas how to say "Take off your pants" in Hebrew, six pictures of dead women who were completely or partially naked, 

seven eyewitness accounts of sexual violence, including rape and mutilation, 11 testimonies from first responders, and two accounts from morgue workers who handled the bodies of women after they were found.

Dozens of Israeli women were raped, sexually abused, or cut up during the terrorist attacks on October 7. Most of the proof comes from the Israel Defense Forces and Israeli officials. 

 First responders say that scissors were used to cut one person up and a knife was used to stab another. Some guys who had been killed also had their genitalia cut up.

Israeli officials say that fighters from Hamas were told to sexually abuse women and children on a regular basis. "This was systematic violence against women and children that was so horrible I can't find the words," said Cochav Elkayam-Levy, chair of a new Civil Commission on Oct. 7th Crimes by Hamas Against Women and Children.

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