This Is the Rarest Zodiac Sign in the World

There are certain zodiac signs that we are more likely to interact with than others.  

This could be because certain zodiac signs are more compatible with one another or because certain zodiac elements are more harmonious when combined. 

If you're a Taurus, you might find that you have more friends who are Virgos or Scorpios. 

And because you are a Pisces, your social circle probably has a lot of Cancers in it. 

Having said that, zodiac trends also have something to do with the number of people who are born under each zodiac sign.  

Given that some zodiac signs are more frequent than others, based on common birthdates, this is because some zodiac signs are more common.  

In the same way that there are zodiac signs that are most prevalent, there are also zodiac signs that are rare; nevertheless, there is one sun sign in particular that happens to be the rarest of all zodiac signs. 

Each of the zodiac's twelve signs is associated with a different set of personality characteristics and is exceptional in its own right (they even have a tarot card, 

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