Tom Brady's Retirement Return Chances Are Gone 

Now for the confession: There was a part of my mind that turned to the great quarterback  ,

savior as I watched Trevor Lawrence hobble off the field on Monday. I had gone through the various stages of grief for the player and the position, 

and I had performed remote, restorative witchcraft rituals of healing in order to avoid ,

a playoff matchup between Mitch Trubisky and C.J. Beathard (no offense).Would Lawrence's injury ,

if it was more serious than a sprained ankle—throw down the ceremonial bat signal and tempt Tom Brady to come out of retirement? 

I seem to recall that he had to work in the state of Florida, if he chose to work, 

which is why there was so much behind-the-scenes drama with the Dolphins. 

The storyline component of Brady's partnership with offensive coordinator Doug Pederson—who outplayed the quarterback in the second-to-last Super Bowl—is appealing. 

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