Tom Brady's Thieves buy endure a precarious decrease. 

Tom Brady's attempt to acquire a stake in the Raiders has run into trouble.In light of "concerns" about Brady obtaining the stake at a significant discount,

NFL owners are "not anticipated to certify" his minority ownership status at their meetings on October 17–18 in New York, 

according to a report from the Washington Post.According to a source cited by the publication, 

Brady's offer would not likely be accepted by the league's finance committee at the current price, 

and it was not obvious whether Brady would be willing to raise his offer.According to the report,

Brady would be buying a stake of between 5 and 10 percent in the team, and according to estimations from the league finance committee, 

he would be getting a discount of up to 70 percent from the franchise's market value.

At the cost he and club owner Mark Davis agreed upon, Tom Brady's ownership position in the Raiders is unlikely to be authorized. 

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