Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Into One-sided Love

Beautiful and intricate, love can develop in one-sided relationships. 

The imbalanced relationship results from one person investing more time, effort, and emotions than the other. 

Astrology doesn't control our relationships, but it can reveal personality traits and habits that make some people more prone to one-sided partnerships. 

the top five zodiac signs related with one-sided partnerships 


Pisces are recognized for their altruistic love. They prioritize their partner's demands over their own, often to the point of neglect. 


Libras value harmony and balance, which can lead to one-sided partnerships. They may ignore relationship issues because they dislike conflict. 


Cancerians develop one-sided relationships because to their loving and protective nature. They often provide emotional support and understanding as caregivers. 


Aries are forceful and control-hungry. This can be a good thing, but dominance can lead to one-sided interactions. 


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