Trimmers 'taking significant measures' to exchange James Solidify 

James Harden has participated in the last two days of the Sixers training camp in Colorado despite his demand for a trade. 

Furthermore, despite rumors that The Beard would make the club "so uncomfortable" that they would have to trade him, 

nothing has gotten out of control so far.The Athletic's report on Thursday may have helped to explain why Harden has been playing well yet still wants to be traded to the Clippers. 

The most substantial update on Sixers-Clippers negotiations to far came from Sam Amick and Shams Charania. 

Harden is attending camp to avoid fines, but he also hopes that his cooperation will result in a trade to Los Angeles:

Beyond the financial considerations, though, league insiders claim that Harden is also participating ,

because he still holds out hope for a trade to the Clippers and feels that it would be prudent to avoid becoming a nuisance for the time being. 

And according to league sources, the Clippers are making considerable efforts to make that happen.

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