Tuberville Lifts the Ban on the Majority of Military Promotions

The Republican senator from Alabama said he would keep blocking only the highest-level appointments,

but gave in to pressure from senators in both parties, allowing more than 400 promotions to proceed.

In opposition to a Pentagon policy guaranteeing access to abortion for service members, Senator Tommy Tuberville, 

 a Republican from Alabama, had blocked practically all military promotions for nearly a year. 

 On Tuesday, he eased this blockade, stating he would still only hold up the highest ranking generals.

The Senate swiftly approved all 440 service members' promotions with a single voice vote, just hours after Mr. Tuberville declared he would permit them.

The majority leader, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, expressed gratitude for the promotions, saying, "Thank God." 

"Now that they have earned their promotions, these military officers will receive them."

For ten months, Mr. Tuberville had staunchly defended his decision to halt all senior military promotions due to a new Pentagon policy.....

that provides time off and travel compensation to service personnel seeking reproductive care or abortions. 

However, the retreat marked a dramatic reversal for him.

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