Ukraine Funding in Growing Danger Despite Efforts to End McConnell's Legacy

On the issue of maintaining funding for the U.S. ally, the minority leader—whom many anticipate may resign next year

—has found himself at odds with numerous Republican colleagues in the Senate.

Throughout the last year, veteran Republican leader Senator Mitch McConnell has been vocal in his criticism of the party's isolationists, who were casting doubt on the continuation of aid to Ukraine.

 By arguing that the US should aid a struggling democracy fighting off an invasion by Vladimir V. Putin and his Russian allies, he risked his reputation and the support of his party.

Unfortunately, the Republican from Kentucky was mistaken in his optimism.

The chance for additional help is about to pass away due to Mr. McConnell's leadership in a filibuster against a measure to finance it. 

 Last year, he flew to Kyiv to demonstrate sustained U.S. support for the war effort.

Even though minority leader Mitch McConnell has worked tirelessly for months to keep funding levels stable, 

the increasingly heated impasse will be very difficult to break before those levels drop.

This is the most recent proof that the minority leader's sway is dwindling, and it shows how his party has changed from its interventionist roots,

which held that the US should use its might to support democracies globally, to something else entirely.

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