WEIGHT-LOSS FOODS: Healthy choices

Lean Protein

Grass-fed lean beef and chicken are excellent sources of lean protein, according to Feit. Beans, lentils, and legume-based proteins have the same benefits, and they're also high in fiber, so they're satiating.


There are almost all essential vitamins and minerals in eggs (except Vitamin C). In addition to being a complete protein source, eggs are also adaptable.


Feit says vegetables can help with weight loss. Consuming cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage can help reduce digestive issues.


Feit says avocados are underrated. High fiber and healthy fat make this fruit a great food for decreasing hunger. Avocado is a fat source, so it's important to watch portion sizes since it's calorically dense.


Fiber and antioxidants are high in apples. Vitamin C and phytochemicals are also found in the fruit, which has anti-inflammatory properties.


Feit says that berries are high in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C.

Nuts and Seeds

Health benefits of nuts and seeds differ, says Feit. Nuts are good sources of fiber, protein, and healthy fat. Minerals and healthy fat can also be found in seeds. Portion control here, too. Quarter cup is one serving of nuts and seeds.


According to Rima Kleiner, registered dietitian nutritionist and founder of Smart Mouth Nutrition in Greensboro, NC, salmon has a high protein and omega-3 fatty acid content.


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