"We're playing a game of life that we have to win," says Deion Sanders.

Deion Sanders was named Sports Illustrated's 2023 Sportsperson of the Year at a star-studded ceremony in Boulder on Wednesday night. 

A fantastic honor for the Colorado Buffaloes coach and a terrific way to cap off the season.

Coach Prime arrived in Colorado understanding that a major revamp was required and began the process quickly. 

The "Prime Effect" swept the country, with people from coast to coast watching Boulder become the sports world's centerpiece.

A record number of spectators and supporters turned out to see his performance. 

CU has undergone a change unlike any other.Sanders was asked about his background and how he became interested in mentoring young men.

Coach Prime's involvement extends beyond football. It's about the route he's on and instilling life skills in his players. 

Sanders understands that football has an expiration date. For some, like him, it takes decades, while for others, it takes years.

A Hall of Fame career is not for everyone. As a result, it's about showing these young guys how valuable life can be outside of the game. 

A message for Sanders that we've heard in many variations over the last year.

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