Why has Taylor Swift been re-recording albums? What happens next?

Taylor Swift, a highly successful artist, is re-recording her previous albums in an effort to regain ownership of her music catalog.

In 2021, she released re-recordings of her albums 'Red' and 'Fearless,' both achieving great success.

Swift plans to re-record all 10 of her studio albums, with 'Speak Now' announced as the next release.

Her decision to re-record stems from her former record label selling her music catalog for $300 million.

Swift's old manager, Scooter Braun, acquired ownership of her first six albums in 2020, leading to a strained relationship between them.

The artist has tried to buy back her music rights but was unable to due to a clause in her early record deal.

In addition to the re-recordings, Swift has also released previously unheard tracks, delighting her longtime fans.

Swift believes Braun has been bullying her and aims to undermine her work, further motivating her re-recording efforts.

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