Wiggins denies idea Poole shattered Warriors' vibe

The 2022–23 NBA season for the Warriors was an emotional roller coaster that was punctuated by outbursts of annoyance and shoddy play.

Golden State was unable to overcome the animosity that resulted from a fallout between two of the team's top players.

After a preseason brawl involving Warriors forward Draymond Green and rookie guard Jordan Poole.

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The veteran forward Andrew Wiggins denied that Poole was responsible for the club's lack of harmony in a press conference following Warriors training camp practice on Wednesday. 

Wiggins believes Poole's midseason absence due to a personal reason had a bad effect on the squad.

Wiggins remarked, "I don't think it was Jordan's fault for the lack of team cohesion; I feel like it was a bunch of things."

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"And I wasn't there for a very long period, but I like to think that I'm one of the club's most important defensive and offensive players, as well as a team player in every other manner.

I hope that everyone stays healthy this year so that we may all have a fantastic year.After Steph Curry (29.4) and Klay Thompson (21.9), Poole was the Warriors' third-leading scorer last season with an average of 20.4 points per game.


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