Your Guide to the Gems That Come With Your Birth Month

Birthstones are gems that are linked to certain months of the year. 

Gemstones are thought to have special meanings and qualities that are linked to the months they are found in. 

Birthstone jewelry is often worn to show off the month they were born, and these gems are thought to protect and bring luck to the person who wears them.

January: Garnet, a deep red rock that stands for trust and friendship. In February, amethyst, a purple rock that is thought to bring peace and clarity, will be celebrated.

March: Aquamarine is a light blue gem that is thought to bring peace and strength. April: The diamond, which is the hardest gem and stands for love and forever.

May: Emerald, a bright green rock that stands for fertility and rebirth. June: Pearl or Alexandrite? Pearls stand for purity, and Alexandrite for balance.

July: Ruby: This fiery red gem stands for love and desire. August: Peridot is a green gemstone that is thought to bring strength and impact.

September: Sapphire is a blue gemstone that stands for trust and wisdom. October: Opal or Tourmaline? Opals stand for hope, and tourmalines for health.

November: Citrine or Topaz? The yellow citrine gem stands for happiness, while the topaz gem stands for strength. In December, you should wear turquoise, zircon, or tanzanite. These stones are thought to protect you and bring you luck.

Gemstones used to be worn by the High Priest of the Israelites, and their history can be traced back to the breastplate of Aaron.

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