Zach Johnson identifies the culprits behind the failure. 

The US team's captain, Zach Johnson, feels that he is "to blame" for the team's subpar Ryder Cup performance. 

Johnson underlined that he had made a number of errors. He made sure to give his team accolades even though ,

they were well off their target from the outset and had aspirations of winning the championship. 

Johnson made sure to highlight the European team's drive during his address.The Luke Donald team appeared to be performing considerably better, 

and it appeared like the US team may suffer a record loss. It's unclear what the major issue was with the US squad, 

although there were some issues. There doesn't seem to be much philosophy in the entire story. 

In this situation, the superior team triumphed."If I had to respond right away, I would commend Luke and Europe for playing well and winning the game.

It's really fairly simple: Europe outplayed us. We demonstrated grit and heart, and things got interesting today.It had momentum and fluctuated.

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