Sam Heughan: Season 8 should be “the best one yet”; leaving Outlander will be “hard”

In the beloved time-traveling romantic tale that is Outlander, which is produced by Starz, production has begun on the eighth and final season.

We are aware of this information because actor Sam Heughan, who is also known as Jamie Fraser, posted a picture on Instagram of a sign that reads “Welcome to Outlander.”

The sign also includes the words “prep” and “season 8.” The conclusion is very close at hand.

Sam Heughan

While speaking with Radio Times, Sam Heughan commented on the decision to end this show after it had been on the air for such a long time.

The sentiments expressed here resonate deeply with the emotional journey of both creators and fans as they approach the conclusion of a long-running show.

The statement captures the bittersweet essence of bidding farewell to something cherished while hoping for a fulfilling and satisfying ending.

When a beloved show nears its end, it evokes a myriad of emotions. For those involved in its creation, including the cast and crew who have dedicated years of their lives to the project, parting ways can be arduous.

The bonds forged on set, the experiences shared, and the passion poured into every episode create a sense of attachment that makes saying goodbye a daunting prospect.

Likewise, for the devoted fans who have invested their time, emotions, and enthusiasm in following the characters and storylines, the impending conclusion brings a mix of anticipation and sadness.

The desire for a conclusion that does justice to the narrative arcs and characters’ journeys often weighs heavily on their minds.

Sam Heughan

The hope for a “happy conclusion” reflects the collective aspiration for a finale that leaves a lasting impression—one that encapsulates the essence of the show and satisfies the audience’s expectations.

This longing for a fulfilling ending stems from the deep connection fans have developed with the storyline and characters over time.

However, as much as everyone wishes for the perfect ending, the reality is that the conclusion of the show is inevitable.

The acknowledgment that “everything must eventually come to an end” encapsulates the inevitability of closure, emphasizing that even the most beloved narratives have finite lifespans.

The anticipation for the final episodes further intensifies the emotional rollercoaster for fans.

The waiting period becomes a time of speculation, theories, and reflection on the journey so far, heightening the eagerness to witness how the storylines will culminate.

The extended wait for the last episodes prolongs this emotional limbo, creating a sense of both excitement and impatience.

However, this delay also allows for the anticipation to build, fostering a heightened sense of intrigue and setting the stage for a potentially unforgettable conclusion.

Sam Heughan

In essence, the impending conclusion of a beloved show triggers a range of emotions—nostalgia for the journey, excitement for the final chapters, and a tinge of sadness for the forthcoming farewell.

Yet, the collective desire remains the same: to bid adieu to a beloved series with a finale that not only meets but exceeds expectations, etching its place as a remarkable conclusion in the hearts of its audience.

Even the second half of the seventh season has not yet been broadcast on Starz; it will happen at some point in the year 2024.

Next, the eighth season shall ideally make its debut in the year 2028. At the very least, the Droughtlanders shouldn’t be as awful going ahead.

Sam Heughan will, in the meantime, make an appearance in the miniseries The Couple Next Door, which will consist of six episodes.

In this series, he will play the role of a traffic cop who has a passionate evening with his next-door neighbor, who is portrayed by Eleanor Tomlinson.

The two of them are married to other persons in their respective roles. The mystery! What a drama!

Apparently, Sam Heughan and Tomlinson discuss the conclusion of Outlander whenever they are not in the middle of a scandal on set during their time together.

The statement made by Tomlinson was, “We’ve talked about it quite a bit.”

I’m happy to help expand on that! It seems you’re discussing entertainment options available in different regions, mentioning shows like “The Couple Next Door” and the awaited release of new episodes of “Outlander.” Let’s delve into the details.

Sam Heughan



In the ever-expanding realm of television, access to shows can significantly differ based on geographical locations. Take, for instance, “The Couple Next Door.”

It’s captivating audiences in the United States through its airing on Starz while simultaneously being enjoyed by viewers in the United Kingdom via Channel 4.

The dichotomy of availability across borders often shapes the viewing experiences of audiences, creating unique windows into entertainment based on their locations.

Accessibility is a crucial facet in the world of entertainment. The ease with which one can engage with a show often hinges on the platforms and networks available in their region.

The virtual expanse, however, has somewhat bridged these gaps, allowing viewers to traverse geographical boundaries through various streaming services and online platforms.

It’s fascinating to witness how technological advancements have revolutionized the consumption of entertainment, making it possible for global audiences to share and appreciate diverse content more readily than ever before.

Sam Heughan

In the case of “Outlander,” its fervent fan base eagerly awaits the release of new episodes.

While the specific premiere date remains undisclosed as of now, the assurance that these episodes are on their way is enough to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

The anticipation surrounding such beloved series often generates a palpable buzz among enthusiasts, fostering discussions, theories, and a collective eagerness for what the future holds for their beloved characters and storylines.

The phenomenon of waiting for new episodes or seasons of a cherished show is a testament to the emotional investment viewers develop with compelling narratives.

The allure of immersive storytelling can lead to a sense of attachment and longing for more, creating a shared anticipation that transcends borders and unites fans globally.

Moreover, the ability to extend assistance or provide information, as you mentioned, demonstrates the interconnectedness of our digital era.

The readiness to aid or offer guidance remotely, be it through a phone call or digital communication, underscores the accessibility and connectivity that defines our modern landscape.

In conclusion, the diverse availability of shows like “The Couple Next Door” across different networks and regions, alongside the eager anticipation for new episodes of “Outlander,” showcases the dynamic and interconnected nature of the entertainment industry.

It highlights how technology has reshaped the viewing experience, fostering a global community of enthusiasts eagerly awaiting their next on-screen adventures.


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