CBS wins with Rex Ryan. Loses in Bills-Chiefs Offsides Scandal

CBS’s Rex Ryan comes out on top. The Bills and Chiefs Offsides Controversy Ended in a Loss
Also included in Traina Thoughts are the following: the rationale for the consecutive ‘Monday Night Football’ games tonight; the celebration that the Vikings absolutely cannot miss; Shohei Ohtani’s taxes; and more.
1. There was a lot of fallout from the offsides call that Kadarius Toney received, which wiped out what would have been an all-time legendary performance by Travis Kelce at the end of the game between the Bills and the Chiefs on Sunday. Let’s go ahead and discuss it in bullet points.

• This overhead shot, which you may access by clicking on it, provides you with the finest view of how offsides Toney was on the play, regardless of whether or not you agree with the call.
• Rex Ryan, a well-known foot fetishist, had the most hilarious response to Toney’s penalty when he appeared on Get Up on Monday morning. As you are aware, I enjoy toes. In an interview with ESPN, Ryan stated, “I don’t like this toe.” Ryan Clark responded to Kadarius Toney by turning to the camera and said, “Hey, Kadarius Toney, if you turn Rex against feet, you are a bad man.”

An outstanding job was done by the cameraperson who was able to get Mahomes saying, “Oddest f—ing call I’ve ever seen,” as if Allen were going to nod his head in agreement with such a statement.

This is how uncommon it is for an offensive player to receive a penalty for being offsides. This is the moment that stands out to me the most from the entire ordeal. CBS continued to insist on cutting to Taylor Swift rather than first obtaining the ruling, despite the fact that the flag was thrown exactly at the snap. When the ball was snapped, Jim Nantz was on top of things and informed viewers about the flag as soon as it was presented to them. On the other hand, the producer, director, or anyone else got caught up in their stupid Swift hysteria made sure to cut to the suite, which simply showed a lot of random people rejoicing, rather than staying on the field and determining what the flag was for first.

CBS wins with Rex Ryan. Loses in Bills-Chiefs Offsides Scandal

It is a well-known fact that CBS did not bother to show Swift after the touchdown was ruled invalid, which would have been a much more effective reaction shot.

• I am the very last person who wants to support the officials, and I do not like the call, but I have to defend the referee who threw the flag on one point. I am sorry about that. When the game was about to begin, he threw the flag. He was unaware that Kelce was going to make a play that would go down in history. It is not true that he presented the flag after the occurrence. Whatever transpired during that play, the offsides call was going to be made regardless of what happened.


Despite the fact that it was not counted, it is still difficult to comprehend how flawlessly Kelce delivered that lateral to Toney. Not even a fraction of a second would have been enough time for him to identify Toney, understand that he was open, and then make the throw. He could have had more than that.

Quite a few individuals have inquired as to the reason behind the fact that two Monday Night Football games begin at the same time (8:15 p.m. Eastern Time). My conversation with Mike North, the Vice President of Broadcast Planning for the NFL, took place on SI Media. During the month of May, when the schedule was released, Jimmy Traina was present, and the reason for this is very straightforward: “Trying something new.”

Here is North’s whole commentary on the two games that were played side by side: the Packers versus the Giants and the Titans versus the Dolphins.
DK Metcalf, a wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks, began utilizing sign language to celebrate plays a couple of weeks ago in an effort to circumvent the taunting restrictions that are in place in the National Football League. He utilized sign language in order to celebrate a touchdown that he scored against the Niners on Sunday. Apparently, Metcalf was signing, “My little dog w-o-o-f” But after the Niners beat the Seahawks, 28–16, it was San Francisco long snapper Taybor Pepper who was doing sign language.

“14, f— around and find out,” Pepper insisted, confirming that he had signed the document. There was a significant amount of reaction on social media as a result of this, and Pepper took advantage of the additional publicity to promote himself for the Pro Bowl.
Sunday was the day that the Vikings had the most memorable celebration of the entire NFL season.
5. The 10-year, $700 million contract that Shohei Ohtani signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers made quite a commotion on Saturday. It is quite remarkable to see how much of Ohtani’s annual $70 million will wind up in his pocket, even though it is not that anyone should launch a telethon for him.

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In the first segment, ESPN football analyst Booger McFarland discussed a variety of topics, including the college football playoff, Florida State University’s omission, his predictions for Michigan-Alabama and Texas-Washington, his time spent on Monday Night Football, and a great deal more.
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Additionally, you can listen to SI Media With Jimmy Traina on websites such as Google, Apple, and Spotify.

7. VIDEO OF THE DAY, CHOSEN AT RANDOM: I would want to express my gratitude to @pnmama, a Twitter follower, for sending this to me.

CBS wins with Rex Ryan. Loses in Bills-Chiefs Offsides Scandal

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When discussing Chiefs wide receiver Kadarius Toney’s costly penalty in Sunday’s loss to the Bills, the former NFL head coach poked fun at his highly publicized passion for feet during Monday’s installment of “Get Up.”

“I just said this is a toe I don’t like. You know I like toes. I don’t like this toe,” Ryan said on the ESPN program, which left co-hosts Ryan Clark and Mike Greenberg in stitches.

The major offsides call was made by Rex Ryan, who said, “You know I like toes.” This is a toe that I do not like.

Added Ryan Clark: “Kadarius Toney, if you turn Rex against feet, you’re a bad man.” a picture of XaSBI0V0ro on Twitter

Awful Announcing uses the handle @awfulannouncing. The 11th of December, 2023
Clark, who was unable to resist his laughing as he covered his face with a sheet of paper, then made the following remark: “Kadarius Toney, if you turn Rex against feet, you are a bad man.”
The Chiefs were trailing by three points with less than two minutes remaining in the game when quarterback Patrick Mahomes completed a throw to tight end Travis Kelce. Kelce then laterally took the ball to Toney, who scored what appeared to be the touchdown that would win the game for the Chiefs. During the performance of “Get Up,” Ryan Clark (on the left) and Mike Greenberg (in the center) were unable to restrain their laughing. Awful Announcements from ESPN
Mahomes subsequently raged on the sidelines over the officiating after the play was called back due to the fact that Toney had lined up in the neutral zone while the play was being played.

According to Mahomes, “It’s difficult to swallow” following the loss by a score of 20-17. “To take away greatness like that, for a guy like Travis to make a play like that, you want to see the guys on the field decide the game,” he said. “Not only from me, but from football in general as well.”The neutral zone was where Kadarius Toney was positioned at the time. a screenshot or CBS

Kadarius Toney, a wide receiver for the Chiefs, carries the ball for a touchdown on a play that was brought back in the second half because of a penalty. Images from Getty
Ryan, who was the head coach of the Jets in 2010, when he and his wife Michelle were at the heart of a foot fetish video issue, believes that the referees made the right decision. Ryan’s actions brought him to the forefront of widespread media attention.

The Patriots, who have a record of 3-10, will be the opponent for the Chiefs, who currently have a record of 8-5 and are in third place in the AFC playoff race.




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