Marvel’s Most Powerful Healing Factor Has a Truly Terrifying Side Effect

Wolverine and Deadpool may have the most well-known healing factors in Marvel’s universe, but it turns out that their regenerative abilities are not as powerful as those possessed by one incarnation of the Green Goblin. Furthermore, the side effects of this Goblin’s healing factor are extremely unsettling, demonstrating that it is just as much of a curse as it is a blessing, if not more so.

Red Goblin #2, which was written by Alex Paknadel, Jan Bazaldua, David Curiel, and Joe Caramagna, demonstrated for the first time the horrific side effects that the healing aspect of the Goblin serum may have. The plot included the reappearance of the villain Phil Urich, and in the process, it was revealed that he possessed the level of healing factor that was the most powerful in the Marvel Universe.

Urich’s narrative did not come to an end there, despite the fact that Norman Osborn had earlier taken his life. Urich was brought back to life by the Goblin formula that was contained within his blood. This formula worked over drive, so reversing the death of his cells and returning him back to life. On the other hand, rather than completely regenerating him, it only successfully reversed his cell death to a certain extent, so transforming him into a zombie.

Marvel's Most Powerful Healing Factor Has a Truly Terrifying Side Effect
Marvel’s Most Powerful Healing Factor Has a Truly Terrifying Side Effect

Marvel’s Healing Factor is By Far the Most Horrifying Character in the Company
Phil Urich, a character in the Marvel Universe, has been known by a variety of aliases over the course of his career, but it is probable that his time spent as the Hobgoblin is what brought him the most fame. Although it is common knowledge that the Goblin formula is responsible for increasing the strength of its users and, in most cases, driving them insane, it is not as widely known that Green Goblin practically possesses immortality as a result of the formula.

On the other hand, its healing factor is very different from that of Marvel heroes like Wolverine or Deadpool, both in terms of how it operates and the consequence it produces. It was revealed in Red Goblin #2 that the Goblin formula has the horrific effect of changing the person into a zombie after they have passed away.

This side effect of the Goblin formula has been demonstrated on a few occasions, notably as when Norman Osborn himself came back to life after he mistakenly impaled himself with his own glider. Others have demonstrated this effect. When Ned Leeds was slain while he was in the role of the Hobgoblin, he also displayed the capacity to resurrect himself. at both of these instances, the distinction was that Norman and Ned had not been dead for very long.

Marvel's Most Powerful Healing Factor Has a Truly Terrifying Side Effect
Marvel’s Most Powerful Healing Factor Has a Truly Terrifying Side Effect

Norman had awoken at the morgue, most likely only a few hours after he had been killed. According to the events presented in Red Goblin #2, Phil Urich had been dead for a significantly longer period of time than he had been alive. People had sufficient time to make arrangements for a funeral and bury him; he then resurrected at a later period that may or may not have been indicated.

The Destiny of Phil Urich demonstrates that healing factors do have consequences.
The resurrection of Phil Urich is one of Marvel’s most severe illustrations of a healing force at action. He has returned from the dead three times. When fans are asked about the superpowers they would like to have, regenerative skills are frequently near the top of their list of desired talents. The representation of healing qualities in characters such as Wolverine and Deadpool frequently swings toward how “cool” it can be.


On the other hand, Phil Urich’s resurrection goes in the opposite direction, showing the existential terror that is inherent in powers that dance around the boundary of natural death. Furthermore, it places an emphasis on the ramifications of getting a healing factor through the usage of the Green Goblin serum in particular, which makes it Marvel’s most powerful, but also its most melancholy, story.


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