Why did The Marvels’ box office run last only four weeks?

Drawing a line beneath the disappointing performance of the most recent Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Disney has made it official that The Marvels’ box office run has come to an end after only four weeks of distribution worldwide. The Marvels broke records in the least desirable way possible, becoming the lowest-grossing Marvel Cinematic Universe movie of all time despite being far from the poorest Marvel Cinematic Universe episode. This decision comes after a run that saw The Marvels smash records. Disney’s revelation implies that the company will no longer report on how well The Marvels performed at the box office, despite the fact that the film will continue to be theatrically released.

According to the current state of affairs, The Marvels had a worldwide box office gross of slightly under $200 million, despite having a production budget of $275 million. There are a number of hypotheses that attempt to explain why The Marvels was such a resounding failure. Some of these hypotheses include the start of superhero weariness on a global scale, a lack of interest in the movie’s primary characters, and the fact that the SAG-AFTRA strikes significantly reduced marketing efforts before to the film’s release.

Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, also indicated that filming during the pandemic played a significant role. This is because executives were unable to effectively oversee the creation of the film, which has garnered criticism from Disney itself for allegedly shifting blame away from the company.

Why did The Marvels' box office run last only four weeks
Why did The Marvels’ box office run last only four weeks

With regard to the Marvels, Disney does not anticipate a significant increase in revenue at the box office.

Disney has made the decision to stop reporting on the box office performance of The Marvels. The company believes that it will not make enough money over the next few weeks to warrant reporting on the matter, regardless of the underlying cause of the disaster. The Marvels’ problems were made worse by the fact that it broke yet another unwelcome record during its second week in theaters. It was the Marvel film that experienced the greatest dip in attendance during its second week of release of any Marvel film. Since then, the number of viewers has continued to decrease, which ultimately led to the studio completely discontinuing reporting.

The fact that Disney does not anticipate the holiday season to breathe new life into the film is suggested by this sentence. Its fourth weekend brought in just more than $2 million, and the studio appears to anticipate that it will continue to show a downward trend from there on out. This is despite the fact that viewers are moving towards the holidays with more free time on their hands and a heightened need for entertainment. In spite of this, Disney will continue to make an effort to recover as much of its losses as it can over the next few weeks.

Will Disney Soon Make The Marvels Available to Stream on Their Website?

The expected low performance of The Marvels in theaters is not sufficient to merit relocating it to Disney’s streaming platform, despite the fact that Disney has a negative expectation for the film’s future. It has been stated that the company will continue to screen the film until the year 2024 (via Variety), which indicates that it will not be made available on Disney Plus until the New Year.

Why did The Marvels' box office run last only four weeks
Why did The Marvels’ box office run last only four weeks

This should not come as a surprise considering that Disney’s decision to stop reporting on data does not mean that The Marvels is not making any money at all, and it is highly doubtful that the movie would attract a sufficient number of new subscribers over the holiday season to make switching platforms viable.


The question “What If…?” can now be asked. By the end of the year 2023, Season 2 will have dominated the public’s attention. As the final Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) release of the year, Marvel is undoubtedly hoping that this spin-off program would at least bring the MCU to a positive conclusion, despite the fact that this year has been quite dismal for the MCU. Echo, on the other hand, is scheduled to keep the ball moving at the beginning of 2024, with a release date that is originally scheduled for January 10. Taking all of this into consideration, it is more plausible that The Marvels will be released anytime soon after Echo, with Deadpool 3 being poised to be the only theatrical release of the Marvel theatrical Universe in the year 2024.


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