“We’ve Been Having So Much Fun”—Dara Allen, Hunter Schafer’s stylist, on the Star’s theatrical press tour

Hunter Schafer’s is a red carpet slay once again. The actor has been killing it on step and repeats this month, showcasing her new movie The Hunter Schafer’s Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes with outrageous, creative costumes that are a blast to see. (Here are a few of her greatest looks.) Hunter Schafer’s maintained her reign of style last night in New York City by dressing in a floral dress from Francesco Risso’s spring 2024 collection for Marni.

Hunter Schafer's

Hunter Schafer’s has been collaborating on all of her ensembles with stylist Dara Allen, and together they have decided to embrace fashion fantasy throughout the tour, viewing each look as an opportunity to convey a narrative. “We’ve been having a great time,” Allen says to Vogue. “Hunter Schafer’s and I wanted to push the boundaries of fashion on the red carpet while experimenting with the inventiveness and inventiveness of her character, Tigris. As someone who works in magazine styling, I approached this tour as though it were a live, breathing fashion narrative that was influenced by the movies and her persona.


Hunter Schafer's

Hunter Schafer’s most recent Marni outfit is undoubtedly striking. The garment was constructed from hand-painted, repurposed metal flowers affixed to a poplin base with a flowery design. This Marni outfit is quite unique. Allen describes it as having stickers all over it and seemed to be developing a bouquet of foil and wire flowers. “I adore how the silhouette beneath all of this crazy ornamentation is so delicate and basic. It has been crucial for us to strike a balance between being stylish and effortless. Allen also liked how Hunter Schafer’s Marni outfit was sweeter and shorter than her prior outfits, such as her silver Alexander McQueen outfit from earlier this week. “To finish the tour with something that felt more lighthearted and fun felt good, especially for a smaller screening like New York,” says Allen. “We adored the final premiere’s wink towards Effie Trinket and the Capitol’s iconic appearance from the original films.”

Although we are genuinely disappointed that Hunter Schafer’s and Allen’s fashion careers are coming to an end—for the time being—they ended their intense press trip with optimism. The stylist said that the moment Allen put the Marni dress on Hunter Schafer’s, the actor beamingly smiled. According to Allen, “it was evident as soon as I pulled the zipper up: Hunter instantly lit up and got so excited.”

Hunter Schafer's

The world of fashion often orchestrates moments that transcend mere aesthetics, transcending into experiences that captivate the senses and spirit. One such exquisite moment unfurled in New York, encapsulating the essence of style, individuality, and a harmonious amalgamation of elements that formed an extraordinary narrative within the realms of fashion.

In the bustling heart of New York City, amid the flickering lights and the relentless rhythm of life, there existed a transformative space—a sanctuary for the avant-garde and the free-spirited. Here, within the confines of a prestigious studio, a fashion metamorphosis unfolded. The studio’s walls whispered tales of creativity, witnessed the birth of trends, and bore witness to the craftsmanship of visionaries. At its helm was a gifted stylist, a maestro of style, who possessed an innate ability to unveil the true essence of each individual.

It was within these hallowed walls that she, an enigmatic soul adorned with aspirations and dreams, found herself immersed in a symphony of fabric, colors, and textures. She arrived with an innate sense of self, yet eager to embrace the transformative power of fashion. The stylist, a luminary in the industry, meticulously curated ensembles that became an extension of her identity.

Hunter Schafer's

The air crackled with anticipation as each piece of the ensemble found its rightful place, accentuating her unique allure. The meticulous attention to detail, the gentle brushstrokes of makeup, and the artistry of hairstyling coalesced, weaving a tapestry that celebrated her individuality. As the final touches were delicately applied, a metamorphosis transpired. In the mirror, she beheld a reflection that resonated not just with her physical form but echoed the depths of her soul.

The metamorphosis was not merely external; it was an alchemical transformation that reverberated within her core. Each fabric embraced her like a second skin, every hue whispered stories yet untold, and every accessory added a melodic rhythm to her presence. And amidst this transformation, there was a touch of whimsy—a delicate adornment of metal flowers that danced to her every move, creating an ethereal melody that echoed her joy.

It was then, in that fleeting moment of poised excitement, that she became a living canvas—a masterpiece of self-expression. The metal flowers, delicate yet resilient, encapsulated the essence of her spirit—effervescent, resilient, and vibrant. With each movement, they chimed like a celestial choir, a harmonious symphony that echoed her exuberance.

Stepping out onto the bustling streets of New York City, she carried Hunter Schafer’s with an aura of confidence—a walking ode to the symphony of style and individuality. Every step echoed with the clinking of metal flowers, drawing glances from passersby who couldn’t help but be enchanted by the captivating aura she exuded. The world became her runway, and with each step, she painted the city with hues of grace and sophistication.

Hunter Schafer's

For her, this moment was not just about donning exquisite attire but embracing the essence of self-assurance and empowerment. The amalgamation of style and personality created an enchanting harmony, a complete symbiosis where fashion was not merely an ensemble of clothes but a narrative, an extension of her innermost self.

In the grand tapestry of fashion, this moment stood as a testament—a celebration of the transformative power of style, where the clinking of metal flowers symbolized not just an exquisite adornment but a melody of confidence, elegance, and unrestrained joy.

In the end, it was more than just being fully styled and adorned; it was an indelible memory etched in time—a moment of pure bliss where fashion became an instrument, orchestrating a symphony that resonated far beyond the streets of New York, inspiring and evoking the essence of self-expression and individuality in every soul it touched.

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