Every Billboard Music Awards outfit Taylor Swift has worn, rated

Many awards have been bestowed to Taylor Swift over the course of her career, and at least 29 of those awards are from the Billboard Music Awards.

Since 2011, the musician known for her song “Midnights” has been attending the yearly event on and off. During each of her visits, she has experienced one or more memorable fashion moments, and sometimes even two in a single night.

The following is a list of all of the outfits that Taylor Swift has worn to the event, graded from worst to finest.

Taylor Swift dressed too casually for the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.

Taylor Swift

She took the stage to play “22” while wearing a T-shirt that made a reference to another record as well, which was titled “Shake It Off.”

Despite the fact that the “Haters Gonna Hate” nod was entertaining, the whole design, which consisted of a bright blue T-shirt painted with a white unicorn and a rainbow word bubble, was a little bit ridiculous.

Her “1989” style was reflected in her 2015 sparkly jumpsuit.

Taylor Swift

The outfit was designed by Balmain and had a V-shaped neckline, two waist cutouts, and all-over sparkles. Additionally, it included thin halter straps that extended into the neckline area.

While Taylor Swift lilac jumpsuit at the Billboard Music Awards exuded elegance and simplicity, some felt that her makeup and hairstyle didn’t quite complement the overall look.

The smokey eye makeup and the tousled bob, while individually trendy, might have overshadowed the understated sophistication of the jumpsuit.

Fashion enthusiasts anticipated a harmonious balance between the outfit and accompanying styling elements.

The jumpsuit’s simplicity called for a complementary, perhaps more understated, approach to hair and makeup, allowing the outfit’s design and color to take center stage.

A sleeker hairstyle or a softer, more natural makeup palette might have better highlighted the elegance of the ensemble, letting it shine without distraction.

However, personal style choices often aim to juxtapose elements for a unique effect, and while some felt it was a missed opportunity for a more cohesive presentation, others appreciated the contrast between the simplicity of the jumpsuit and the boldness of the makeup and hairstyle.

Ultimately, fashion remains subjective, allowing for diverse interpretations and preferences.

Swift caused trouble on the 2013 red carpet.

Taylor Swift

The minidress that Taylor Swift wore was designed by Zuhair Murad. It featured long sleeves, a mesh back, and beautiful beadwork that extended from the top to the bottom.

Taylor Swift striking makeup, updo hairstyle, and glittering accessories made the garment more dazzling than it would have been otherwise. The dress itself had aspects that were reminiscent of prom.

Swift wore a red gown during the event during her “Red” phase.

Taylor Swift

The Elie Saab dress that Taylor Swift wore at the moment was a little bit daring for her. A nude-illusion bodice, a lace overlay at the top, and a floor-length skirt with lengthy pleats were all features of this clothing item, which lacked sleeves.

Taylor Swift wore it with her distinctive haircut at the time, which was a pin-straight hairstyle, and she did not wear any jewelry. Although it was a theatrical look, it was successful.

Swift’s bodysuits changed at the 2019 awards presentation.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was wearing a bodysuit with a single shoulder that was constructed specifically for her by Jessica Jones and Joseph Cassell, who were her personal tour costume designer and stylist. The bodysuit was worn during the performance of “Me!” with Brendon Urie.

Both the bodice and the sleeves of the garment were covered in sequins in pink, blue, and gold, and the outfit also had matching fringe that formed a miniskirt at the lowest point.

Not only was the dress funny, but it also symbolized her “Lover” era in a way that was absolutely perfect.

Her 2011 Billboard Music Awards debut was glamorous.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was seen wearing a strapless, floor-length gown in a tan color, which was once again designed by Elie Saab at the time. Pink sequins adorned the entire garment from top to bottom, and her curls were styled in a side-swept fashion to round off the look.

Taylor Swift choice of accessories demonstrated that the ensemble was done to perfection, as it provided a glamorous appearance while still retaining a young appearance.

Swift’s goddess-style gown was a 2018 fashion highlight.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift wore a dusty pink gown that was constructed just for her by Versace. The gown featured asymmetrical sleeves, a bodice that was form-fitting, a slit in the skirt that reached her thighs, and a cape-like element that extended down her back.

And that’s not even taking into account the textural accents, which include pink feathers at the neckline and silver lace that sparkles over the waist.

Taylor Swift has worn a number of classic ensembles on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards, and this striking costume is one of them.

In 2019, Swift wore her best Billboard Music Awards attire.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift stunned audiences at the Billboard Music Awards in a mesmerizing ruffled lilac minidress, a sartorial marvel that marked a pinnacle in her fashion evolution.

The ethereal gown, delicately crafted and exuding sophistication, encapsulated a blend of grace and modernity, accentuating her poise and elegance on the red carpet.

Raisa and Vanessa, the creative masterminds behind this iconic ensemble, demonstrated their unparalleled design finesse and artistic prowess.

Their meticulous attention to detail was evident in every ruffle and contour of the dress, which harmoniously complemented Taylor Swift’s persona and style. The dress seemed tailor-made to accentuate her figure while maintaining an air of whimsical charm.

Beyond the mere fabric and stitches, the ensemble became a symbol of empowerment and confidence.

Taylor Swift effortlessly carried herself with grace, embodying the essence of the dress and exuding a magnetic aura that captivated the audience and fashion enthusiasts alike.

The lilac hue, a refreshing departure from conventional red carpet colors, further accentuated the dress’s uniqueness, enhancing Taylor Swift’s natural radiance and adding a touch of ethereal beauty to the entire affair.

In summary, the collaborative brilliance of Raisa and Vanessa, combined with Taylor Swift’s innate style and grace, culminated in a fashion moment that transcended trends, leaving an indelible mark in the realms of both music and couture.Is this conversation helpful so far?

The musician wore a high collar with ruffles, which was a departure from his usual style. Additionally, the sheer sleeves and bodice provided a sense of daring to the whole appearance.








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