Former NBA G League Player Allegedly Admitted To Fatally Strangling Woman

A woman was allegedly strangled to death by former NBA G League player Chance Comanche, who apparently admitted to the tragedy.

The remains of Marayna Rodgers, who had been reported missing on December 7th, were discovered close to Las Vegas. According to the records filed in the court, Comanche admitted to using a strangulation technique to cause her death. Following his arrest by FBI agents on Friday, the Stockton Kings decided to release the 27-year-old player.

According to the allegations, Comanche and Sakari Harnden, who was his ex-girlfriend and was 19 years old at the time, conspired to assassinate Rodgers on the morning of December 6th.



Rodgers and Harnden were both sex workers, according to the police, who obtained this information from Briana Whitney. There was a disagreement between them regarding a Rolex watch, and Rodgers was telling other people about another one of Harnden’s partners who was accused of committing murder.

Harnden is said to have received a message from Comanche suggesting that he “can snap her neck or just strangle the b***h.” The message was traded for an app.


According to the police, Comanche has told them that he pretended to be a client and then used an HDMI cord to strangle Rodgers as Harnden choked her simultaneously. After that, they buried her body in a ditch in the middle of the desert, which the detectives discovered after knowing the location from the Comanche.


This statement was given by Michael Goldstein, the attorney for Comanche, on Wednesday. “I cannot comment on the substance of any statements made to law enforcement,” Goldstein said. “We made our initial appearance yesterday, and the allegations will be addressed in court.”

Before he was cut from Stockton, Comanche played in 13 games with the team and averaged 14.0 points and 7.0 rebounds per game. The Portland Trail Blazers were the team that the 6-foot-10 center participated in one NBA game for.


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