Styled by Molly Dickson for Sydney Sweeney’s Rom-Com Press Tour

Molly Dickson, the stylist for Sydney Sweeney, sent an email to the Miu Miu team in October, which was a full two months before the release of the romantic comedy Anyone But You.

The purpose of the email was to initiate the process of developing a customized look for the New York premiere of the film. A column dress with a sheer fabric, an empire waist, and rhinestones that were coated in rhinestones and tied in with a black leather belt was the fantasy that came true last week.

Sydney Sweeney

“Kendall Jenner’s Givenchy for the Met Gala was one of my all-time favorite looks ever,” Dickson says of the garment that the model wore to the 2021 Met Gala. The dress was inspired by the film My Fair Lady. It was something sheer and pouring in diamonds that served as my initial inspiration for it.

In preparation for the frantic press tour for the romantic comedy, Dickson and Sydney Sweeney came up with more than a dozen different looks, and the custom Miu Miu was only one of them.

During the course of the tour, Dickson dressed Sydney Sweeney in a variety of costumes, some of which were a flamboyant custom Balmain, a preppy Shushu/tong, and a refined Schiaparelli. According to Dickson, “[Sydney] was so excited that this was the first romantic comedy in a really, really long time that is hitting theaters as a result of its release.”

Thus, I believe that it placed a great deal of strain on us. Due to the fact that it is a more significant platform, being in the movie theaters, we did feel as though we needed to blow away all of the press looks.

Sydney Sweeney

A significant portion of the outfit was unexplored terrain for the performer, who is most known for her work on Euphoria and has been nominated for an Emmy.

Sydney Sweeney is utilizing this more mature position to take her approach to the next level, despite the fact that she is no longer able to play high school students (waiting the release of the third season of the hit HBO show).

From what Dickson has said, “This was the first fitting where she has been significantly more elevated and fashion-forward.” I had the impression that she was going a little bit younger and more girlie in the past, but I had the impression that this was a more mature performance than she had done in the past.

It would appear that Sydney Sweeney is one of the growing number of actors who are interested in method dressing. She has been customizing her press tour outfits to portray her character, Bea, from the film Anyone But You.

When it comes to Euphoria, for example, we go for more fun and daring, but she always manages to tap into whatever part or movie she is doing. Considering that this is a romantic comedy, she truly did want it to have a more romantic and visually appealing tone.

Sydney Sweeney

During the press trip, which was the actor’s first movie promotion of this magnitude, she had her own ideas in mind, and she was keen to make the process of styling an effort that involved collaboration. “Sydney Sweeney is extremely, extremely involved.

Prior to the month of October, we had already begun exchanging photographs of the various alternatives. “She will send me photographs from Vogue via text message, saying things like, ‘This would be wonderful for the Anyone But You tour,’ according to her. It was brought to Dickson’s attention that Sydney Sweeney had also acquired a fresh perspective on fashion. “She hails from a community in the state of Washington.

She goes on to say, “I believe that we were both tomboys when we were growing up, and we were not familiar with fashion. Now she is learning about all of the designers.” “She is gaining a better understanding of the significance of tailoring and the various styles that are suitable for her physique.

The amount of fashion expertise she possesses has significantly increased. I get a lot of images from her, and she always says things like, “This new designer is really cool.”

Sydney Sweeney

Dickson used a rigorous approach to the styling of the press tour. She even coordinated with Sydney Sweeney costar Glen Powell to ensure that the two would be on the same sartorial page.

This was done to avoid provoking a discourse (or memes) similar to that of Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran, which is about women who are overdressed and guys who are underdressed.

Due to the fact that the movie is a romantic comedy, she was acutely conscious that the presentation of a level of connectivity between the two characters held a greater significance than it could have in Sydney Sweeney other work.

We wanted their appearances to be relatively consistent with one another, she says. “I never reached out to the cast of Euphoria to see what they were wearing, but because they were the two leads, she couldn’t wear something that was extremely, extremely, extremely dressy, and he could wear jeans.”

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